Friday, June 22, 2007

Waiting for the awards

Receiving MVP award- a Balboa jersey (Story below)

One of his coaches

Marcelo Balboa signing his ball and jersey

Landen has been in the Marcelo Balboa soccer camp all week. Balboa lives in our town, and arranged the camp through the community. It was great because the fields are right across the street from where we live. The camp had about 80 kids from 6-16.Today was the last day of camp, so we all went for the last hour to watch Landen play and to see the awards ceremony. Landen has been talking all week about how one person was going to be the MVP and get a trophy, and that he knew it would be him. Last night as I was putting him to bed I tried to prepare him that he may not get the trophy, and that it was OK.

Well, out of the 20 kids in his u-6 age group Landen was named the MVP and got the trophy he was wanting so badly. His coaches said a bunch of nice things about him. But the big thing was that he was so encouraging to all the other players and his enthusiasm and focus on playing never stopped. At the beginning of camp he was shy, and by the end, he was the best all around player. (chip off the old block)

It gets better though...At the end Marcelo awarded his MVP of the week. He started by saying how this camper was so happy, nice and encouraging to all the other players. He was the best juggler and passer. Not only did he pass, but he would call for the ball, only when open. He cheered on the other team (at one point he was scored on, then told the shooter "that was a nice goal") He had a head on collison that gave him a bloody nose, then jumped right back up and kept playing. Then Marcelo pointed and said "My MVP is this little guy right here. Landen Bufington, come on up!" (Becca and I just about died) Marcelo and his coaches gave him a #17 Marcelo Balboa Rapids Jersey and hugged him and gave hi-5's while we took as many pictures as we could. They should all be on the site by the end of the day.Later all the other kids were congradulating Landen. The kid is so bashful, he was grinning ear to ear but trying to hide it. He was king for the moment. We took more photos, and Marcelo autographed the jersey for Landen. I told him that we would frame it for him, but he refuses. He wants to wear it. I have to say that this was a proud parent day!!! I think to celebrate, we'll go to the rapids game tomorrow


Landen has been at Marcelo Balboa's first annual soccer camp this whole week. Blake really missed him but what a great opportunity! Balboa played in 3 World Cups on the US National team.

The boys put Savannah on this rocker and then couldn't get her off of it! She loved it.

Crazy Blake

Landen is getting ready to show me his trick

Savannah has discovered she can get around the house really fast if she pushes her toy around...she won't walk without it though.

Dad playing Memory with the kids in his new Colorado Rapids shirt he got for Father's Day

She does not like it when Jeb and I are close...she wants to be in the middle

Happy Father's Day moments with breakfast in bed

Thursday, June 7, 2007

This is the night of Landen's Kinder-graduation in front of his school. I noticed they are all squinting. :)
The happy graduate with his biggest supporter...Blake!

Landen's last day of school was today. He made it!

Their Uncle Adam came into town last night to visit. They love to climb and wrestle with them. He is just a grown-up big kid himself.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Jeb took the boys to another Colorado Rapids game. They had a blast!

Well, thanks to Rachelle I figured out how to put my pictures on the right way. I was doing it a different way before and it wasn't letting me put any more on. I guess I am a little slow. Thanks Chelle! Anyway, we are getting closer to moving into our new house. I will post some pictures of it soon. Landen's last day of school is tomorrow and we can't wait for the summer fun to begin!

Monday, June 4, 2007

I can't believe May is over already. We are heading right into Summer! Landen's last day of kindergarten is on Thursday. Blake can't wait to have his buddy home again everyday. It is going to be a shocker in the fall when Landen goes to school all day again (he did that in Virginia). Enjoy some pics of the kids. Hopefully I will get a few more up of Jeb and I but we are always taking the pictures!