Monday, November 3, 2008

October is Over?

Blake turned 6!! He didn't get to have a party this year, but I let him have a couple of friends over. We went to a fun blow-up jumping place. He got a lot of Stars Wars stuff. :)
Our big boy

Hi! I am finally trying to take the time to record my life during these last crazy 6 weeks. Six weeks postpartum...I can't believe I am already there! I blinked and October was over. :)

Thank you to my sweet hubby for doing the post about the arrival of our little Crew man. Although he chose pics I may never have posted (the new baby gunk and the lovely part that proves he is a boy), I really appreciate Jeb taking the time to do that. Thanks Sweetie! Notice how there has not been a post by either of us since the sweet, calm time in the hospital with baby No. 4. That's because there are not a lot of calm moments in our household these days. I feel like Crew is most comfortable when there is a lot of craziness and chaos going on because that is all he has known. It makes Jeb and I smile though because this is what we wanted for our family. :) We are finally getting into a groove and it feels really nice. I will try to update through pictures so I don't bore everyone with rantings of my "exciting" life. As I was going through the pictures I realized there aren't really any of me...I will try to work on that. I am usually taking the pictures! They are mostly of Crew. I promised my Mom that I would show her more of what he looks like now.
It is hard for me to think through getting them in the right order, so I will just put on a bunch from the whole month.

Halloween! Darth Vader, Obi-Wan, and of course...the Princess

Savannah got to visit her brothers at their school parties

"Seeping Booty" (Sleeping Beauty)

I really enjoyed making her a princess. :) Darth Vader with a sweet kid underneath the mask

Growing quickly! Blake told Jeb "I am NOT touching that stuff" (inside the pumpkin)

In the end, they both got nice and dirty. Thanks Jeb for always doing the pumpkins with the kids!

The Rapids game!

Savannah said "look, he can hold his own bottle!" This baby has been fantastic. I mostly feed him, but he takes a bottle and a pacifier really well. It is nice because the kids can help out so much.

Blake and Crew. He is such a chill baby...he doesn't mind when the kids hold him and move him all around. He is just happy to be held.

Crew at the pumpkin patch...nice and warm

Blake on the hay bales at the pumpkin patch. The boys had more fun running on top of the hay instead of through the little maze that was there. Believe it or not, the owners didn't care. You could tell that the top of the maze had far more wear and tear than the maze itself.
Savannah at the pumpkin patch. She did not want to let that wagon go. It drove us crazy the whole night because she was really slow. We had such a great time that night. One of our first outings as a family that is 4 vs. 2!
Landen feeding Crew while I made dinner! A very common occurence. He doesn't mind because I let him watch cartoons while he does it...not to mention he loves his new brother. :)
Dad and Baby
Jeb is so great with kids! I love seeing him as a Dad.

Brother time.
General Conference. Jeb and I got to watch the entire 2 sessions on Sunday with hardly any interruptions. Our kids were so quiet and good. I thought it would be really hard with 4 kids, but we probably listened more than we ever have since we have had kids. Thanks guys!
I painted Savannah's nails during it. I have only done her toes before so she was really excited

Cutie pie

A common picture in our house. Crew zonked on Jeb while he directs traffic. ("get your pjs on" "stop fighting" "give that to your sister", you know how it goes :))

Earlier days

We just finished our Fall soccer. We had an awesome season! Jeb was a proud coach and dad. We kept Landen and Blake on separate teams this year and Jeb decided to be head coach of both. It was a big commitment but we had a great time.