Friday, June 27, 2008

A week ago we had a Mother/Son Enrichment. The boys and I had a blast! Here we are making s'mores. We went fishing, had relays, bubblegum blowing and seed spitting contests. The boys thought I was really cool because I almost won the speed spitting and Landen and I won the 3-legged race. I guess I am still competitive when I am 6 months pregnant. :) At least my boys were impressed! :)
Yummy, messy watermelon!

What a fun night!

You know I can't resist pictures when I capture such sweetness between my kids.

When they decide to spend this kind of time with her all on their own my heart leaps with joy! I'm doing something right! :)

Savannah's favortie beads and Daddy's soccer hat.

We are headed to Utah today and Savannah's 2nd birthday is on Monday. My fabulous neighbor across the street couldn't stand the fact she was going to miss her birthday so she threw her a small party. Here is the beautiful cake she made.

Here is Savannah after her nap just before the party. She couldn't believe she had Dora and Boots on her cake! She was very excited.

Then the excitement turned to fear! :) This is her screaming after we sang Happy Birthday. She started to reach for her cake before we sang and touch the candles and Landen and I both kind of jumped on her and told her to "Stop! No!". It started the whole thing off bad because we freaked her out. She finally calmed down and opened a few presents. She was very happy with her new stroller, baby and camping chair. Our neighbors are so great! Now we get to go celebrate again with family in Utah. Nothing like a marathon 2-year old birthday.

Blake and Bella are best friends. They are both going to kindergarten this next year. All of the siblings joke with them that they will be married someday. They are very sweet together.