Monday, September 22, 2008

Bennett Crew

As promised, we have more pictures of Crew. We finalized the name Saturday after much debate. We had Adam, Nathan, and Bennett in the final round of deciding. We loved the name Bennett for a long time. Blake was pretty close to being a Bennett 6 years ago. So we decided to use the name for this one. We call him Crew though. For Savannah it sounds more like "Cwoo".

How about a pictorial timeline.

Crew is born. A little messy and making some well received noise.

The weigh in. He was a few ounces short of Landen. 8 lb 11oz after some rounding. He came out sideways also making life a little harder for Becca.

Cleaner now. He was 15 minutes old in this picture

The proud dad!

The very excited siblings.

Beaming Grandma Jen!

Landen with Crew. Landen was probably most excited to see his new brother.

Savannah just has this look. "My precious little pet." - Think Tommy Boy - Yikes
She really loves Cwoo and wants to touch him and pet him and hold him all the time.

This was the next day. the kids couldn't get enough.

First day at home (2 days old). He sleeps most of the day away.

Blake likes holding Crew, but gets bored after 60 seconds. He is very good with him though.

The boys went to the Rapids game Saturday night to "get away". Really. I was getting the boys out of the house for Becca. It just so happened that it was for a soccer game. Rough life so far.

Landen and Crew again

Hooked to the pacifier already. Nice!
Pacifier = No crying

Grandma pulling an afternoon shift while Becca gets some needed rest and Dad gets the kids from school. She needs the rest too because she's been up all night also. But she gets to go home in a couple days.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Baby Crew is here!!!!

At 6:52 pm after almost 6 hours of labor Becca delivered our new beautiful baby boy. He was 20 inches long and 8 lbs 11 oz. He resembles both brothers so far, but you never know after he gets all cleaned up and the swelling goes down.

We have 2 names decided on so far - Crew Buffington (middle and last names) but are still working on a first name. I'm thinking Ole, Gunnar, Rooney, Keane, Ronaldo or Kaka. But I don't think any of those are going to happen. I got Crew out of the deal and doubt I'll get anything else.

Blake votes for Blake Jr. and Andrew, and Landen says Landen Jr. or Johnny.

We have some serious contender but won't let them out just yet.
Becca and Crew are doing great!!!!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Soccer Season!

I haven't taken a lot of pictures lately. I will try to get on that. I just wanted to post something that wasn't so depressing! We took Savannah to the Endocronologist on Wednesday and the good news is that her cyst is not effecting her pituitary gland and we have nothing to worry about in that area of her brain. Yay! An easy appointment! Now we just have to monitor the great amount of fluid that is sitting in the back of her brain, but it is stable for now. :)

The boys started practicing soccer 2 weeks ago and had their first game on Saturday. I should have taken pictures of that but during Blake's game Landen got his first bee sting (traumatic) and during Landen's game I was talking too much! We have been with the same players on Landen's team for almost 2 years now (give and take a few) so it is fun to catch up every season. The boys did awesome and really had fun. We usually have them on the same team but Landen is in U8 this year and it is a bit more intense. We decided to have Blake play 1 year up instead of 2 and he is doing great. What does this mean for us? Jeb is coaching 2 separate teams! Arghhh! Every Tuesday and Thursday the boys have 2 hours of practice instead of 1 because they stay for each other's practices. We haul all of our crap around to two different games every Saturday. I know a lot of families have it worse, but last season was so nice to deal with just one team. Oh well, I really need to get used to my soccer life. :)

As for me, the baby should be coming so soon. It is very uncomfortable at this stage of course, but I don't mind moments like yesterday....I was making dinner and my ankles started to swell so Jeb made me sit down, put my feet up and took over. He then took all of the kids on a Sunday bike ride (yes, we think it is a good family activity on Sunday :)) and came home and put them to bed. It was nice. Hopefully, our new unnamed addition will come soon but not too soon. My brother, Adam gets married to Erin on Friday so I am trying to hold out for my mom! :) I would really like her here for the kids while I am in the hospital. We have all kind of taken turns needing her around lately. She is such a great Mom! I hope we don't run her ragged.

Jeb and Savannah are doing great. Savannah loves soccer practice because there is a playground right next to the field this year. She freaks if I don't let her stay and play. She calls the playground "soccer practice" and begs to go to the "soccer practice" the whole car ride over. :) Jeb is playing softball with the ward late Monday nights, indoor soccer late Tuesday nights, outdoor pickup games early Saturday mornings, serving as Education director on the soccer board, coaching the boys T and Th, and leading our ward choir on Sundays....oh, and occasionally he works. He is a busy guy during the fall season! He is also a huge Michigan football fan so he will watch a few of those games (he lived in Michigan before he moved to Ohio).

Well, this is all pre-4th baby life for us! We will see how it all plays out over the next couple weeks. I will try to get more pictures added so I won't ramble so much!:)