Saturday, May 12, 2007

Fun in the Spring

We have been having a lot of good times lately...mainly because we are done looking for a house! That was fun while it lasted, but it got very busy (and our kids were very sick of it!)

I went to Landen's school yesterday for a Mother's Day Makeover. It was so adorable! Landen took it very seriously. He made sure I was pampered and taken care of the entire time. He got me drinks and cookies, massaged my back, feet and hands (we were in a "spa"), painted my fingernails and toenails and read stories to me. We had a great time together...I definitely felt loved :).

We went swimming today at our apartment pool. They opened the pools early because of the beautiful weather. The kids had a blast and can't wait to come everyday (so they think). We will make the most of it until we move into our house in July! I have a feeling this summer will be a lot of fun compared to being inside a lot last year with our new baby Savannah. I am looking forward to it!

Monday, May 7, 2007

New blog, new house

Well, I am still figuring this thing out. I have had this blogspot for awhile but I haven't done much with it. I see a lot of my friend's sites so I decided to finally contribute. We will see how much I keep it up!

We have been in Colorado for 3 months now and we finally made an offer on a house. We are really excited and anxious to get out of our apartment. We are sad to leave the friends we have made....we will only be 15 minutes away...but it is still hard.

Jeb is loving his job but is in a really busy time right now. He exhausts himself by working intense hours, coming home and spending every second he can playing with the kids and then he hangs out with me! :) He doesn't get a lot of time for himself except for his indoor soccer games once a week. He is such a trooper!

Landen has one more month of school. In Virginia he went to kindergarten all day long. When we got to Colorado it was half-day and he has loved it. He is not looking forward to starting full-day again for first grade, but I know he'll love it once he gets there. Blake is still dying to always kick, hit, shoot or throw a ball. Give him any sport, he will do it and he will love it. He is a lot of fun in our family and is going to preschool next year. Savannah has been crawling all over and loves exploring the world. She is the apple of all of our eyes and is the princess in the family....she knows it too. We all have such a blast with her.

As for me, I am finally picking up my running again. Once I get out of shape it feels like it takes forever to get back in....I'm getting there. My friend and I are going to run the Bolder, Boulder race (10K) on Memorial day. I'm working up to doing another marathon. It just takes so much time to train, time that I don't have. :) I don't do a lot of other things I love right now because finding a house has consumed me...I am glad it is over. Now I just "get" to move again!

All right, this first blog was way too long. I promise I will shorten from now on. I will also get some pictures up. Take care!