Thursday, November 12, 2009

September 2009

We went to the zoo with some friends on a beautiful day. The kids were so excited for Crew's first experience
With great friends!

Crew's first b-day! The cake was fun to make (thanks Jessica!) and best of all the kids loved it

He wasted no time digging in

My 4 Sweethearts!

See that blue ball in the background from Grandma Jen? That is all he really cares about! Haven't I learned by now? :)

Savannah ready to leave for dance class shows 1st position with a little attitude

The entire family (parents included) got really sick with flu symptoms! We were sick forever and no one was getting better. I finally took them in after 9 days and we all had lots of bacterial stuff ranging from bronchitis, ear infections and bronchial pneumonia. We were so happy to get on antibiotics and feel alive again!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

My 3 boys! It was impossible to get them all to look and I gave up :) Align Center
Jeb turned 33! He always likes to sing along
Blowing out all of those candles

Blake-1st day of 1st grade and Landen-1st day of 3rd grade
The sun was so bright that morning we tried to find a spot where weren't squinting...Didn't work so well

My big one year old! I will post his b-day pics soon

Crew is such a happy kid

Princess Savannah!

Blake reading Crew his bedtime story

We went to Breckenridge (or BreckenBridge as Savannah calls it) for Labor day weekend. In line for the Alpine slide

Yeah baby!

Blake never needs or wants any help :)

Savannah told me how fast and scary it was

Landen got stuck behind a really slow group so they let him take another turn!

Had to throw in a picture of me because there never are any (even though I don't like it :))

We did a lot of hiking and bike-riding. We went really far on the hike because the kids were doing so well....We forgot you have to turn around and go back! The kids were wiped and we got rained was still great!

Following the 3 leaders in search for the Best Walking Stick

3 of my munchkins

The condo we stayed in was really fun...I wish I had taken more pictures

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Quick Look at our last few months!

Note: If you don't care to see Thanksgiving and Christmas pics during the month of May...Skip ahead!

The Boys with their soccer team at the Rapids game! It was cold
Align CenterOf course you can't leave Mom, Savannah and Crew at home (now we can! This was back in October? when Savannah didn't mind staying still :))

Align Center
Jacob and Kristin got married and most of us were there for the occasion! (Savannah thought Kristin was a princess). We all stuck around and celebrated Thanksgiving together with Jeb's side of the family

Mark had connections and hooked us up with a huge gathering place! It was awesome. There are a lot of us by now so we needed all of the space we could get.

Waiting to say our "Thankful fors"

Cousin Zach was telling us all what he was thankful for. Those little kids are always so sweet, I can't help but shed a tear

I guess it wasn't too exciting because Joey fell asleep!

This is Aunt Erin with Savannah at my Mom and Dad's house celebrating Landen's birthday. She married my brother Adam and the kids love them! In March they came to Colorado to visit us and we had a blast with them. I don't have any pictures though...darn.

Landen's 8th birthday. We had a lot of family around. He felt loved
Uncle Adam (Jeb's brother) and Blake

Happy Baby

She was telling me about her nail breaking. She is such a diva already! We were headed out to cut down our own Christmas tree. I have more pictures somewhere of the excursion but can't seem to find them
We went to my parent's house for Christmas this year. All of my siblings were there and it was a blast! I love it when we are all together. We were going to go the day after Christmas but because of a snow storm brewing we packed everything up in 2 hours and headed out Christmas Eve morning! We got there in the evening just in time for the evening's festivities. My Dad is talking about the Christmas story with his grandkids

Savannah opening a present from Grandma (while cousin Ben looks on)

Princess Dress-up!! Yippee!

The stash (most everyone's included)

Landen was baptized on December 27th and Crew was blessed the same day. It was wonderful

The kids

Align Center
This is one of her "no, I will not" looks. She is very sweet but can be very fiesty!
Landen (with braces) and his buddy

The kids on St. Patrick's Day! We even had to wear green on our pajamas that morning because my kids are vigilant about pinching

Crew loves his sister and brothers

Can you believe you are not looking at a soccer field? That's right...the kids played basketball this year and loved it! That is Blake...the farthest blue shirt on the left. He was one of the taller kids which is always nice in b-ball. Landen played also and the kids because obsessed with the Denver Nuggets. It was a lot of fun

We only hit the ski slopes a couple of times this winter. Having a newborn and all made life a little too busy for our season pass. Hopefully next year. These are some of the jumps the kids have tried. They are getting pretty good

Skiing adventures

This is my brother Lane and my mom at my 30th birthday dinner! I don't really have a picture of me but that's okay. After this we went back to my parent's house where Jeb had planned a little surprise party! It was very sweet of him.

The boys waiting to ride a train with Santa!