Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Holiday Fun

I love this picture because she was being so cute the other day. Grandma gave her this baby and she wanted it to watch Teletubbies with her. She had to get her pacifier so she could be like her baby (although I have to say I don't usually let her have it unless she is in bed :)). She is so much fun!
She was pointing out the baby sun to her baby. I just love her!

I love my boys too of course. Landen turned 7 in November and had a great party with his friends.

We took 6 boys (plus my 2 boys) to this awesome place called JumpStreet for Landen's party. These are all trampolines hooked together. When we got there, Jeb said, "Don't we need someone in there with the kids to make sure they are all right?" Of course he wanted me to buy him a ticket too. The kids thought he had some pretty awesome tricks. They had a blast!

More of JumpStreet

We went to Utah for Thanksgiving to spend it with my family. We went and saw the lights at Temple Square. This is my sister Lauren and brother Lane with the boys.

This is my brother Brandon (and his son Ben on the left) with the kids after a big Turkeybowl game. Landen and Blake got to go too but I quickly got them cleaned up to take pictures. The guys (and Lauren) had a blast playing football. My dad said it was the best game so far.

My kids are so great (and growing too fast!)

Well, my trend seems to be that I get my blog updated only monthly (at least I do it right?) I am hoping once the holiday rush slows down I will have more time. I love keeping up with family and friends and want to do it more. I told Jeb he is welcome to post on here whenever he wants. We have a site with his family that he keeps up on regularly, but he is excited to help keep this one going.
Jeb has taken the boys skiing the last 3 weekends. They have season passes so he wants to get them up as much as possible. On the first Saturday he took Landen up for the morning and then I met him for lunch in Boulder and we switched kids. He took Blake up for the afternoon while Landen came home with me. The next Saturday Blake was really sick so Landen went and this last Saturday Landen had a birthday party so just Blake went. It has worked out great because Jeb has had some good one on one time with each of them and now they are all ready to go together. Of course, I will join them occasionally....I would love to get better! Jeb mostly snowboards but he thought he would start the boys out on skis.
Landen has caught on very well. His second day he was keeping up with Jeb on some harder "blue" runs (intermediate) and he landed his first jump. Blake has also done well but isn't quite caught up to Landen yet. Landen is 2 years older though so Jeb thinks Blake will be there in no time. They both love spending that time with their dad (and skiing with his kids is one of Jeb's lifetime dreams :)).
Savannah is doing well also. She is starting to talk and it is so fun to see her learn new things everyday. She is loving Christmas trees, Christmas lights and snow. She points them all out everytime she sees them and loves having a tree in our house. For a long time she was bringing me all of the ornaments from the tree to show me how "petty" (pretty) they were. Luckily, she realized Mommy wants them to stay on the tree.
I have been enjoying getting ready for the holidays. I have made some good friends here in Colorado and they have included me in some of their fun Christmas things (like a Cookie Exchange). I have felt busy but not so much that I can't love the season. The other day I had a number of things I wanted to get done in the afternoon after Landen's school and the kids were begging to go sledding. I realized I hadn't taken full advantage of the fun snow yet so we packed up (it is a lot to get 3 kids out the door with all of the gear) and drove over to Landen's school. We had so much fun sledding together, the kids all had huge smiles on their faces. I felt like a kid again! What a great feeling to sled down a hill. I feel like we don't have a lot of time for simple pleasures like that anymore now that we are fully in school. I look forward to summer where I have more time to spend with the kids.
Well, I have rambled far longer than I wanted to. I hope all who read this are having a great holiday. We are off to Utah to spend Christmas with Jeb's family (they are from Ohio but most are going to school in Utah). Have a Merry Christmas!