Thursday, November 12, 2009

September 2009

We went to the zoo with some friends on a beautiful day. The kids were so excited for Crew's first experience
With great friends!

Crew's first b-day! The cake was fun to make (thanks Jessica!) and best of all the kids loved it

He wasted no time digging in

My 4 Sweethearts!

See that blue ball in the background from Grandma Jen? That is all he really cares about! Haven't I learned by now? :)

Savannah ready to leave for dance class shows 1st position with a little attitude

The entire family (parents included) got really sick with flu symptoms! We were sick forever and no one was getting better. I finally took them in after 9 days and we all had lots of bacterial stuff ranging from bronchitis, ear infections and bronchial pneumonia. We were so happy to get on antibiotics and feel alive again!