Sunday, May 25, 2008

Trip to Colorado Springs and such

We just returned home from our trip to Colorado Springs for the weekend. It is a little over an hour away and they had some beautiful sights to see and fun things to do. It was nice to be gone and the kids thought the hotel was so amazing! They are easy to please. Here are some pictures from the trip but at the beginning I added a few to catch up from April.

I took the kids to the zoo on one of Landen's days off of school. Savannah was freaking out about this peacock eating someone's sandwich. She was yelling at him to try to get him to stop. I took lots of other pictures from this trip but I already added so many to this post that I will spare you :).

One of Landen and Blake's last soccer games in April. The kid's team name is Fire and they had these special shirts made for the whole team to wear (normally you can just wear a red shirt). As you can see they are more like dresses for my boys who are the shortest kids on the team. Granted Blake is only 5 playing on a 7 year old team (poor Landen). Side note: Jeb was 5'1" his freshman year of high school and he grew to 6'1" in a year....hopefully Landen will follow suit!

They had a great time and then it started to snow! One of those really random snowfalls in late April where we had beautiful weather for days and then Boom! We get a 30 minute snowfall. It's okay, we're used to Minnesota where winter lasts forever.

More fun in the snow!

Savannah's new friend Drew. I love watching Savannah learn to play with friends. She is very bossy and always says mine. She went and got Drew a Magic Tree House book like her so she wouldn't have to share and they could both read! (of course these are Landen and Blake's chapter books with no pictures).

Blake graduated from preschool on Friday!! He is happy to be moving on and keeps telling everyone that he is in kindergarten already. I try to explain he has 3 months of summer to enjoy but he keeps asking me about meeting his new kindergarten teacher next week. He was so adorable singing his songs during his program. He knew every word and sang with lots of enthusiasm. :) Landen was always so embarrassed to be in front of people at this age and Blake loves it (Landen is not that way now and I wish I had a little bit of it was cute).

Mom and her goofy, fun boys!

This was on our first day in Colorado Springs. We went to the Royal Gorge which was unbelievable! Of course the pictures never capture how amazing it was. This is on a bridge that was built in the 1800's that is the largest expansion bridge in the United States. It is a quarter of a mile long and 2000 feet high and the gorge is down below. It scared me a little as it swayed back and forth (I don't like heights) and cars kept driving past us on it. I was sure the cars were going to cause us to tumble down in the water and rocks below! Apparently Savannah did not want to join in this picture because she wanted to race ahead on the bridge.

This is the tram ride across the gorge for the way back. I chose not to look down too often! I don't know how I married my husband who gets a thrill out of heights. He is always the one telling the kids to jump up in these things and "lets make it sway" :). There is a good reason why I am not in a lot of these pictures. You see, the baby decided to grow a lot this past week or so and I have still been wearing a lot of "in-between" clothes (looser, normal clothes) and after seeing our pictures, it is obvious it is time for maternity :). I think this will be a big baby. Landen (my first) was 8 lbs. 11 oz. so I definitely don't produce small babies!
Landen still enjoys the carousel ride but he won't admit it.

Savannah and Jeb getting ready for the train ride. They had so many fun things to do at the Royal Gorge area. We went hiking, rode a vertical train down into the gorge and had a great time! The kids were tired just after this but then we went back to our hotel and swam for awhile and then continued our fun with Mr. Biggs (see below for more details)

This is Little Bigg town inside Mr. Biggs (basically a cooler version of Boondocks, etc.). This is where Savannah and I spent our time. They had lots of fun places for kids to play. This is the princess, dress-up and beauty parlor section I was trying to coax Savannah into.

This is the type of dress-up she wanted to do. She took off her fire hat just before I got the picture but you get the jist (sp?) of her idea of fun!

This was one of her other favorite spots!

I did get her to have some fun in the shopping section though. She poured me some "hot chocolate" and we played pretend for awhile. I just enjoy doing "girly" things now that I have the chance. I'm sure she will like to put on the princess dress and the pretty tiara when she is older!

Here are a few pics I captured of the boys at Mr. Biggs before we hid away in Little Bigg town. This was called Bumper hockey. Blake was barely tall enough! I was so glad he was because they had a blast! I didn't get it, but his grin was priceless.

Riding the Go-Karts!

Landen and Dad coming in from the Go-Kart ride. Sorry about the bright flash on the right. We are having a hard time getting our settings just right on our camera. A lot of pictures come out horrible. Jeb is getting a new one from work that will be really nice so hopefully we will notice a difference!

Today on our trip it was Sunday so we took it a little easy. We went and explored Garden of the Gods which is amazing! Before we left Blake surprised us by fixing his own hair. He shut the bathroom door at the hotel and didn't come out for awhile. Then he presented us with this.

He explained he wanted to look like Christiano Ronaldo who is on Manchester United's team. He was voted best player in the premier league (England) and will likely win world player of the year. ManU is Jeb's favorite team and they won the Champions league last week. (ladies, if you google Christiano Ronaldo you will see why I enjoy watching Manchester United play also :)) Anyway, Blake was excited for his new do!

While we were packing up in the hotel Landen finally mastered tying his shoes!! Blake has been able to do it for awhile, but Landen is a perfectionist. He would try and if he couldn't get it right away he would just give up. I suppose it is a lot of my fault since I hate dealing with laces and often opted for the non-lace shoes. But now he is feeling very confident and happy that he figured out the trick to getting it right (and is no longer one-upped by his younger brother! :))

Jeb and the boys walking into Garden of the Gods. It was so beautiful!

Landen jumping off the rock. All the kids wanted to do was climb the rocks. Of course Savannah refused to be left behind. I wanted to stay on all of the nicely paved trails, but they wanted to explore all of the dusty dirt trails off to the side (of course I wore sandals and Jeb reminded me of that smart move the whole day :)) Oh well, we saw a lot of cool stuff!

Blake pausing during one of his climbs

At the top of one of the awesome red rocks! The background was amazing.

Does anyone else get nervous when their kids are near edges? I probably sound like I am afraid of everything! I love to do and try new things, but when you have 3 mobile children climbing and running, you kind of hold your breath!

Well, that was our short vacation. We had such a great time. I hope you survived all of those pictures and explanations. But remember, I have a goal to update more so be prepared!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Note: Pictures to come!!

I have been one of the worst bloggers. I love to read people's blogs who update frequently. It is so entertaining! I am probably on most people's list of "do not check very often because she never updates". My goal is to blog more frequently this summer because I have loved to go back to last year and read about the things we were doing and see pictures of my family. :)

I got out my real handwritten journal on Mother's Day to write down some things and realized I hadn't written in there since Mother's Day 2007. My kids had so much fun reading what I wrote about each of them it made me want to recommit myself! We'll see.

Life has been slowing down finally. Soccer is over, which helps a lot and school is almost out! The kids are really excited for summer and so am I! Last time I was pregnant I had to deal with Virginia humidity. Nothing will be as bad as that. :) Landen is about to finish 1st grade and move on to 2nd which blows me away. I remember 2nd grade very well and I can't believe he will be that old! He is in the process of getting braces right now. He is only 7 years old but he already has 8 permanent teeth almost fully grown in. Many of his classmates are just starting to lose their teeth and if they have, they just have spaces where the teeth are. Anyway, he has an issue they call "tongue thrust" where every time he swallows (which is many times a day) he pushes his teeth with his tongue. His teeth have started to push forward and fan out which is not a good thing. For the past 2 weeks he has had a device in has mouth that will re-train his tongue to hit the roof of his mouth when he swallows instead of thrust it forward. This has been a painful process for both Landen and Mom. You can only imagine what kind of device is put at the roof of his mouth to stop his tongue going forward. Lots of pokey things! He has had to re-learn to talk, eat and swallow and has been in a lot of pain. But, things are looking up and soon he will get 6 brackets put on his teeth to help move them back into place. He is thrilled! (Ha)

Blake's last day of preschool is on Friday. He is sad because he loves his teacher, but so happy that he will finally be in Kindergarten at the same school as his brother. Blake turned 5 last October so he is going to be a very old kindergartner...he has been more than ready for a long time. It is getting really hot here so the kids have been putting the sprinkler under the trampoline and jumping for hours. I'm sure it is dangerous, but at least they aren't watching TV right? Their "wonderful" father has been teaching them some pretty amazing tricks that scare me really bad! We have some on video so I will have to figure out how to post those. Blake loves to be active. A couple mornings a week, I have tried to go on a run/jog (it is getting very difficult :)) and he rides his bike with me while I push Savannah. He lives to be outside and moving! He is such a fun kid.

Savannah is always happy. She loves to jump on the trampoline or go to the park. She gets mad at her brothers if they try to get on while she is on there. They are finally learning to all jump together which makes it much easier on me. Otherwise I deal with her screaming (and it is not nice) because they are trying to get on or them complaining because they can't jump high while she is on. As she is getting older she is getting better and more stable so they can all have a good time out there. I love having a fenced-in backyard!

Jeb and I are doing well. He has been very good to me through this pregnancy. He frequently runs to get me my chocolate blizzard with M&M's late at night even though he is tired. I guess I should admit he goes and gets Taco Bell, Quiznos and other wonderful things that I feel sound good at night-time too.:) I definitely got lucky finding him! We are going to Colorado Springs as a family for Memorial weekend just to relax and get away. We can't wait. Most of our trips are to see family, which is great, but this will be a nice change. I will get some pictures up of that and other adventures we have been having. See ya!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I wrote this back in March and saved it as a draft. I was going to edit it and add more back then but obviously never got around to doing it. I just read it and thought it would be fun to post. So this is when spring was first starting to peek through:

Colorado is so strange. On Thursday and Friday we had sunny skies and 65 degree temperatures. Saturday was an amazing 75+ degrees. We woke up this morning (Sunday) to a blowing blizzard and snow on the ground!?? Yesterday you would have thought the snow was gone forever!

Landen had Thursday and Friday off of school for Parent Teacher Conf. On Thursday I wasn't feeling great and had a lot to do around the house. My kids seemed really bored so I decided to let my kitchen go for a bit and spend some quality time with them. We all helped prepare a nice picnic lunch because it was so beautiful outside. I was feeling like a pretty nice mom because I was telling them how we could play red light, green light, Mother May I, etc. (even though I was feeling pregnancy nausea) and have an afternoon of fun (just like summer!). Well, we get our picnic lunch outside in the backyard and sit down on our blanket. Savannah thought it was so cool to be eating outside, she was very happy. All of a sudden Landen jumps up off of the blanket and says, "I just saw a bee". I said "No, it must have been a fly. There aren't really bees out yet because the flowers haven't bloomed. Sit down and finish your lunch."

Next thing I know, two bees whiz by our picnic lunch. Landen jumps up and runs inside and shuts the sliding door as quick as he can. I went and got him and convinced him it was fine and we probably wouldn't see him again. This went on for the next 20 minutes, where the bees would come back and both boys would run in the house. Finally, they both gathered up their lunch and said "I want to eat inside!" So Savannah and I stuck it out and had our picnic by ourselves (to be fair, Blake got stung in the neck last year a couple of times and Landen was there to see the pain so they are a little more nervous than usual :)).

After we ate I convinced the boys they couldn't spend such a beautiful day inside and the bees only came around when we had food. So we started to play our fun games. All of a sudden Landen saw a couple of bees again. He yelled, "more bees!!" and him and Blake literally started freaking out! They both ran inside, slammed the door shut, then I hear them open it and come screaming toward Savannah and I on the trampoline. "The bee got trapped inside, he followed us inside, he's trying to get us!" At this point, Savannah is crying because her brothers are so scared of something. So I have 3 kids huddled on the trampoline sobbing (no doubt all neighbors can hear this). The boys trapped the bee between the screen and sliding glass door. I was able to carefully let it out and I said, "Guys, lets just go inside, you obviously aren't having much fun." "No, we can't go in there, the bees will follow us again, no, no, no". I said, "Get inside right now". I had to open the door for them so they could make a "beeline" run for the door (leaving their sister alone with the bees). I got Savannah and took her inside and the boys were panting and thanking their lucky stars they were safe inside and not "attacked" by those killer bees!!

They kept saying, "I am not going outside all summer!" "I hate bees, I am never going outside again!". Needless to say, I was so annoyed. I couldn't believe they were that scared. We have never had such an issue and now they are older and more scared than ever. So much for trying to be a fun mom and enjoy the beautiful afternoon with my kids!

I didn't see a lot of the bees but my kids kept claiming there were a bunch of them. A couple of days later I found out there is a dead tree stump nearby with hundreds of bees. Luckily we have been playing outside a lot and we haven't had a problem with the boys being frightened.