Wednesday, February 27, 2008

We went to this great park (thanks to Trisha) near our house and it was amazing! They have ducks, a path around the lake, amazing play equipment. We have already been there 3 times. It is a lot of fun for our family! Colorado keeps giving us glimpses of spring and then it snows. The snow never stays long around here though.

Jeb swinging Blake in the air!

I don't know what is up with Blake's goofy face. Landen looks really thrilled. It was getting a little cold because the sun was going down for the evening.

Savannah was begging for more bread to feed the ducks. Of course, I am wearing a hat. It seems those are the only pictures I have of me (it was Saturday and we love to stay relaxed on Saturdays!). Blake's lower face is bright red from skiing earlier that day.

Savannah and the geese. She loves to say the word "cheese" with her smile so we get a cute "cheesy" smile

Blake kept running back and forth along these rocks trying to make sure every duck (and goose) got a piece. He was so concerned one would get left out.

Okay, I can still post about Valentine's Day because it is still February. These are my beautiful orchids and "purple flowers" my husband got for me. He is a very good at flower-giving throughout the year so I like it when he gets a little creative and colorful. These kept blooming throughout the week. Very pretty!

Blake, Savannah and I got to attend Landen's Valentine party at school.

Landen decorating a cookie for each of us. (He put on a lot of frosting!)

The kids showing love!

Landen and his friend. He decided since it was Valentine's day he would be a gentleman. He helped a couple of girls carry their heavy backpacks and he gave his teacher a special hug and "Happy Valentine's Day" wish. This is huge for him because he has always been very shy. He is really coming out of his shell this year (getting a little too confident!)

Savannah thinks her bros. are so funny!

Playing in the snow.
Landen has been learning about the moon in school. If you can't tell, I love it when my kids read to each other! Such a precious moment. Landen was reading a book about the moon and solar system to Blake, teaching him all the stuff he knows. We got the kids out of bed and watched the Lunar eclipse last week Landen was so excited!

Landen and his crazy friends (and Blake)! They were out playing in the cold and came in for some hot chocolate. They are really fun to listen to as they interpret and talk about life!

Well, my dear friend, Maren lovingly informed me I needed to update my blog (thanks Mare!:)) . I guess it is definitely time. I will probably spend most of my time adding some recent pictures, but I did want to share some news with you. We are expecting Baby Number Four in September! We are very excited and a little scared. 4 seems like a lot but we are so grateful to be able to add another child to our family. I have been a little more sick this time and my clothes are getting tighter faster! Jeb thinks it is twins...Ha! I haven't been to the doctor yet. I figure I've done this a few times before and I can wait a little (I'm only 10 weeks along). Anyway, just wanted to share our exciting news with our friends. Take care!